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The winter season is fast approaching, will you be ready to endure the vagaries of Mother Nature?

When the temperature drops below freezing, outdoor water faucets tend to freeze and this can cause serious damage to the interior of your property. Pipes have the unfortunate habit of cracking out of sight, discreetly between the walls of the property…often damaging the foundation as well as the goods inside the house.

To ensure that you don’t experience this inconvenience, proper preparation of outdoor faucets is crucial to keeping indoor and outdoor plumbing in good condition during the harsh winter months.

How to prepare outdoor faucets before winter:

1. Look around your property to locate all the outdoor faucets (if you are a new homeowner, you may find them in some hidden areas). Remove all garden hoses and allow all water to drain from faucets and hoses.

2. Inside the property, locate the shut-off valve for each water inlet that leads to the various water lines from your main water inlet, which is usually located in the basement of the property. These are almost always of the crank type and they allow the residual water to be drained from the supply pipe once the valve is closed.

3. Turn off the water supply. Go outside and open all the (outside) faucets to let out any water that has accumulated in the pipes. Close the taps again and you can also put caps on the ends.

4. If your property is quite old (built in the early 60’s), it is possible that you do not have shut-off valves for external water outlets, for added peace of mind, consult us so that we can professionally install a frost-proof safety valve.

Be prepared for winter!

For plumbing expertise, including thawing your pipes, contact the experts at Pure Plomberie at 514-675-4045 or fill in the information form.

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