Sewer backup – call the experts at Pure Plomberie

As wonderful as it is, spring brings, more often than not, its share of inconveniences. Indeed, Mother Nature brings us her hazards which, of course, we do not know the content nor the extent. One thing is certain, the melting of the snow causes a surplus of water that the soil, saturated to the extreme, can no longer absorb. There is a risk of flooding. This is where the sewer backup comes from.

Find out how to prevent and counteract this almost natural phenomenon of disproportionate proportions.

In addition to soil saturation caused by spring snowmelt, sewer backups can be caused by the accumulation of organic substances, tree roots, non-biodegradable waste such as wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products or cooking oil and grease.

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In case of a sewer backup, don’t wait to act. Contact the experts at Pure Plomberie immediately and they will come to your home as soon as possible.

How to identify a sewer backup?

The first sign of a sewer backup is undoubtedly the foul odor that escapes from the drains and accumulates in the house. Next, you should be on the lookout for water backing up through drains in the house, such as at the kitchen sink. A gurgling sound coming from drains, such as the shower, can be a sign of a sewer backup, as can sinks or a bathtub that empties slowly.

Of course, if you have a sewer backup, don’t wait to act. Contact the experts at Pure Plomberie immediately and they will be at your home as soon as possible. In the meantime, avoid using your facilities and turn off the water. Once the specialist is on site, he or she will assess the problem, then proceed to clear and clean the affected appliances or pipes.

Sewer backup

Expert plumbers for sewer backups

In the event of a sewer backup, it is very important to call a professional, primarily because they have the expertise and knowledge of this type of situation. Secondly, he has the necessary equipment to inspect and clean the pipes and the method to use it. These equipments correspond to the latest technologies, making the work faster and more efficient.

That way, you don’t have to wait for spring to arrive and call the experts at Pure Plomberie. Let them do you a favor by ensuring the quality and proper functioning of your vents.