What is a backflow prevention device (BPd)

Do not confuse a backflow prevention device (BPd) with a check valve. The latter prevents the return of wastewater to the basement of the house. The backflow prevention device targets the drinking water distribution network of a building. It also protects against backflow by reversing the direction of water flow.

The backflow prevention device is a mechanism that is activated when there is a backflow. A check valve system separates potentially contaminated water from the drinking water in an adjoining pipeline. This prevents contact with drinking water and keeps it safe for human consumption.

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Industrial grade back-flow preventer and water meter installation.

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What is a cross-connection?

A cross-connection is the risk that drinking water may encounter contaminated (polluted, non-potable) water in a plumbing system. Owners of commercial buildings for public use have an obligation to comply with safety codes and to protect their plumbing systems from potential hazards.

Find a certified auditor through the BPds Provincial Auditor Registry. To learn more about safety quality requirements: Régie du Bâtiment Québec.

Pure Plomberie brings you its expertise in commercial plumbing in compliance with the CSA B64.10 standard: « Any connection to a drinking water supply system must be protected against the dangers of contamination in accordance with the CSA-B64.10-01 standards […] »

Indeed, Canadian regulations emphasize that a plumbing system in a building or equipment intended for public use must be maintained in good working order, safety and sanitary condition.