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Pure Plomberie is your specialist in the installation of all types of grease traps / grease pan in Montreal, Laval and the North Shore and surrounding areas. Discover Pure Plomberie 24/7, a service recommended by CAA Habitation, and employing technicians trained by the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec and Aqua Protec.

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What is a grease trap? Also called “Grease pan” ou “Degreasing tank”

A grease trap is a basin used to separate fats, oils and solids from household wastewater (water from the kitchen, bathroom or dishwasher). In order to avoid clogging and blockage of the pipes, the grease trap retains grease, fat, oil and all other solid matter such as food remains from your commercial kitchens.

The grease pan must be installed in connection with your septic tank. It works thanks to several deflectors that will block and filter the fat and the oils which are lighter and which go up the surface by keeping the filtered water in the bottom. This will keep your system healthy, odor-free and free from clogging and breakage.

How it works - Grease trap / Grease pan
How it works – Grease trap / Grease pan

trappe a graisse commerciale
Installation of grease trap / grease pan

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A professional grease trap installation is often essential for your business. Improper installation or maintenance of the bin can cause major problems for your company, resulting in closures and heavy financial losses due to blockages or regulatory violations. We assure you a high quality service using quality products that meet the regulatory standards.

If your grease trap / grease pan is no longer working or is simply too old to be effective, Pure Plomberie will meet with you to provide expertise on the best grease interceptors on the market. Our team will be at your disposal and we will propose you the most adapted solution to your needs 24/7

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