Drain camera inspection service

The plumbing industry is keeping pace with innovation and technology! Rather than digging up and damaging your earthwork to try to fix a problem blindly, our specialists can detect the cause and, more importantly, the precise location of the drain problems thanks to the wonderful tool that is the infrared camera.

Thus, pipe camera inspection is an innovative means of prevention that is increasingly used by plumbers and that ultimately proves to be a very effective solution.

Drain camera inspection is particularly useful in sewer systems. Its use thus allows a very precise detection of the problem location, whatever its cause (misaligned conduit, roots, bad alignment, breakage, etc.). Similarly the camera is able to transmit the image of the precise place where there is accumulation of grease, leaks or obstruction, whatever it is.

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Get the drains cleaned prior to a camera inspection.

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Why perform a camera inspection?

The camera can be used to check the condition of a drainage or piping system to determine the most likely cause of a problem. Technicians can accurately diagnose and determine if the situation affects all or part of a pipe, thereby advising the customer of the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs.

Camera inspection is a non-destructive technique and very flexible in its use. It can therefore identify a wide range of problems in the course of a single intervention:

  • Broken, leaking or collapsed pipe
  • Frost and thawing aftereffects, disjointed pipes
  • Obstruction and accumulation
  • Rust in pipes and water
  • Smells in drains
  • Tree roots or shrug tree roots
Drain camera inspection
Drain camera inspection

How does the camera work?

The specialist inserts the camera into the pipe (at least two inches in diameter) plus a flexible rod mounted with an HD camera. By moving inside the pipes, the camera allows us to see the condition of the pipes and to identify existing or potential problems.

A camera in the water, you say! Designed specifically for this purpose, the camera, when inserted into the pipe, can therefore operate effectively, in addition to illuminating its path since it is equipped with powerful lights.

In addition to transmitting images in real time, it can record its journey and its findings, which can be very practical when you have an inspection as part of a real estate transaction, for example. Thus, the technician analyzes the data as he receives it, which allows him to make a clear and precise diagnosis of the problem.