Installing a kitchen faucet and replacing the cartridge

A faulty sink faucet or worn-out cartridge will prevent the smooth running of daily tasks and can cause additional expenses due to water leaks. You should therefore consider replacing the cartridge and sometimes the entire faucet to ensure that both work properly.

A journeymen (certified) plumber is an expert in home plumbing issues and can easily fix or replace your kitchen faucet.
A trained plumber will know the ins and outs of how to properly install your kitchen sink. It’s also guaranteed.

One of the most frequently used items in the home, kitchen faucets are often personal choices made based on our personal tastes, kitchen styles and of course, budget! At Pure Plomberie, when it comes to replacing your kitchen sink faucet, we try to make your life easier by offering these three products that we keep in stock, that offer good value and that are durable.

You want to replace your faucet’s cartridge or install a new one?

Call upon the professional plumbers at Pure Plomberie.

Replace kitchen faucets

Replacing the sink faucet often makes more sense than making repeated repairs (handles, pipes, cartridge, etc.). Notez que les robinets sont livrés avec toutes les pièces nécessaires à leur installation.

For a proper iand guaranteed nstallation, it is recommended to call upon a certified plumber.

The average time required to complete the installation is approximately one hour, the time can vary depending on the condition of the equipment to be removed and the condition of the piping to which the new equipment will be connected.

Choose from any of these kitchen faucets.

Retractable single handle kitchen faucet with pulldown spray hose by JL Baril

  • Maximum flow of 1,8 gal/min. at 60 psi
  • Fits on single hole counters (no plate cover)
  • 60 cm lined PEX flexible tubing
  • 150 cm pull out spraying hose with 2-sprays
  • Product code: KUI-0701-12L-CC

We are pleased to offer a variety of kitchen faucets for all tastes and budgets. Choose the product you prefer, we will bring all the required material!

Retractable single handle kitchen faucet with pulldown spray hose by JL Baril

  • Maximum flow of 1,8 gal/min. at 60 psi
  • For single-hole sink (plateless)
  • 60 cm lined PEX flexible tubing
  • Pull-down spray with 150 cm quick connect hose
  • 2-spray hose
  • Product code: KUI-4200-02L-CC

Bélanger kitchen faucet, model #3065W with polished chrome finish

  • Maximum flow of 8.3L/min
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Modèle 3065W
  • 2 holes 8” center
  • Price upon request (installation not included)

Chrome finish kitchen faucet from Moen’s Chateau collection # 67425: performance and reliability

  • Maximum flow of 5,7L/min.
  • Aired-out jet
  • Spout height of 8,5 inches
  • Spout range of 9,13 inches
  • Three hole counter installation
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Single handle Delta kitchen faucet

  • 3-hole 20,32 cm installation
  • The handle easily adjusts both water flow and temperature.
  • 360 degrees pivoting spout for full sink access
  • Model # 1362 LF
  • ON SALE !!!

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