Replacement and installation of toilets and sanitary appliances

Invented almost 200 years ago by the British Thomas Crapper (…) the modern water closet is part of the basic sanitary equipment in a residence or in a commercial building. It is composed of several parts: flange, filling valve, wax seal, tank lever, valve, etc.

In short, this device has a useful life of about 10 years and after that, its replacement is often the most economical and logical decision. Used on average 4 times a day by each occupant of the residence, there are several versions and models available according to your personal taste and of course, budget.

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Most toilet can be repaired by a traindd plumber relatively easily.

Looking to replace your toilet or add one? Call on the certified plumbers at Pure Plomberie. Contact us!

Quality toilets and sanitary appliances

At Pure Plomberie we try to make your life easier by offering three models that we keep in stock. All three toilets offer good value for money and are effective. Whether it’s in a powder room or a bathroom, a leaking or broken toilet quickly causes thousands of dollars worth of damage, sometimes in a sneaky way (inside the walls and floors).

toilet installation

Toilet installation price

The average time required to complete the installation is approximately two hours and it takes about 75$ of accessories required to complete the installation. The entry level model is suitable for rental apartments or for the basement while the deluxe models can have the capacity to “flush” nearly a dozen golf balls without blocking! We don’t recommend trying it, but you get the picture 🙂

Make your choice and we will bring the material!

Option 1:

Carlin, from Contrac

High efficiency white toilet.

White, 2-piece toilet of entry level quality, LEED compliant. Price upon request

(seat and labor are not included)

Option 2: Cadet “pro” elongated toilet

Mid-range / Price on request (installation not included)

Option 3: Evolution 2 elongated toilet from American Standard

Ideal height, Flowise 4.8 LPC tank with Aquaguard ADA sold separately

(seat not included)