Sump pump installation and replacement

Every year, it’s often the same story with snowmelt: hundreds of basements are at risk of flooding (or having to deal with water infiltration problems), hence the importance of submersible pumps.

Also known as a « sump pump », the submersible pump is used to evacuate the water contained in the soil to be collected by the drainage system. Most homes have one, especially those in flood-prone areas. If this is not the case and your neighborhood experiences frequent flooding, a submersible pump system is equipment you should own and check regularly.

How does a submersible pump work?

The submersible pump is a very important part of the drainage system connected to the french drain. This drain collects the water that flows around the house and conveys it to a basin in the basement. The water is then expelled by the pump into a storm drain or directly outside. This pump activates automatically when its float reaches a certain level in the pit, usually located in your basement.

For a proper installation, it is recommended to call a certified plumber.

You want to replace or install a submersible pump? Call on the professional plumbers at Pure Plomberie.

There are 4 types of submersible pumps:

1. The classic submersible pump

Completely waterproof, this pump connected to the electrical system of the house remains permanently immersed in the pool. It is quieter and less likely to overheat. This is the version we recommend.

2. The submersible column pump

Also connected to the home’s electrical system, this type of system relies on an open-air column and operates by gravity. The engine is therefore easily accessible in the event of a repair.

On the other hand, it is noisier than an underwater submersible pump. This system is not suitable if the motor is in danger of being submerged by a possible flood. Despite being a suitable system for narrow sumps, we still recommend using the pump shown in option 1.

3. Submersible pumps with safety battery

In the event of a power failure or pump breakdown, an auxiliary system can save the day. A 12-volt rechargeable battery pump provides approximately 24 hours of autonomy.

4. Water pumps (Venturi type)

Emergency pump which, in the event of a power failure, is operated by the municipal water flow. It works without electricity.

This type of pump is not authorized by all municipalities or boroughs (prohibited on the island of Montreal) so check before purchasing.