In a continuous effort aimed at providing an exceptionnal customer-service experience, we’re extending our servicing schedule until mid-evening.

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Extended service hours for our customers.

Life as we used to know it, took an abrupt turn in 2020 which means even now, quite a few of us now work from home. As such, we decided to get off the beaten path to deepen our customer service excellence. As of April 1st, we’ll be offering to our customers, service calls to be performed between 8am and 8pm.

The bulf of our availabilities and activities will still be rendered during normal hours, but we are really happy to be able to accomodate customers for whom late afternoons or early evenings reprensent optimal times.

Update June 1, 2024: this schedulling option is temporarily not available.

Despite us wanting to offer customers more schedulling flexibility, some of the tasks that require a 2-man crew (i.e, replacing a hot-water tank) will only be available during daytime hours. Please note that certain major repairs will still be performed during normal hours, same goes for all renovation projects.

We remain available for emergencies -as usual- 24/7.

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Mornings or evenings, our dedicated team of experts is there for you.

Regardeless of the need: repairing a faucet, a leaking sink or replacing a toilet, we’ll be there to help you and facilitate your busy lifestyle.

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Starting April 1st, 2023 our experts will be available between 8am and 8pm.

Because a plumbing emergency usually happens when you least expect it, our customer service team cotinues to answer your calls all day, every day. Customers wishing to get a service call perfomed during extended hours, will not be charged extra!

Since its early days in 2010, Pure plomberie’s unmatched level of service has always stood out and gets further and further away from the (negative) construction industry stereotypes. Having recently reached 1000 customer reviews our Google business page, we’re clearly meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. This strategic addition to our schedule confirms that Pure Plomberie does stand out from the crowd, for the right reasons.

This new offering kicks off on April 1st, and for all the jokesters out there…this is NOT an April’s fool stunt.

Ring us up for a service call at 514-675-4045 or simply fill the contact form on this page.

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  1. Maher siblini says:


    We would like to check the submersible pump in our building

    1. Our customer agents will contact you in a few minutes, thanks for reaching out Mr.Siblini.