Eager to constantly innovate in its specialty, Pure Plomberie launches its video series of Tips and Tricks, the first of which focuses on the exterior water outlet.

Hosted on the company’s YouTube channel, this series of short videos aims to share with our customers some tips and advice on residential plumbing. résidentielle. ”Our clients often need to be able to visualize the work we are going to do for them or to be able to get some advice before we arrive; since we love to help our clients, we are happy to share with them.”

The goal of these clips is not to turn everyone into a weekend plumber, but to give them a little more perspective on the risks involved, with seasonal warnings and tips that save time, money and headaches.

People often contact a plumber in an emergency or crisis situation, they experience some stress that we can often spare them. Our team will most likely have to perform a service call or repair, but if the damage is a fraction of what it would be without the advice provided, our job will be easier.

Charles-Alexis Masse

Pure Plomberie also wishes to give a glimpse of the work within the company through these capsules, “many candidates inquire, consume video content on their future employer so if we can transmit to a candidate the desire to join our company, our HR department will have a future employee already more committed.

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