Earlier this week, Pure plomberie became the first service plumbing company in Quebec to collect 1000 customer reviews on its Google business page.

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Over 1500 reviews on our Google business page.

Last Thursday was an important moment for our company as we became the first service plumbing company in Québec to reach the pristine plateau of 1000 customer reviews and comments on our Google business page.

With 13 years in business, our company whose reputation has longed surpassed our native West Island of Montreal, with our many clients in Laval and Montreal, we finally got our 1000th review. Our owner, Charles-Alexis Masse had these heartwarming words for his devoted staff: ”Since the day I launched my business (circa 2010), I knew plumbers could be better and do more for the customers as I did my best to shy away from the clichés still in effect in our industry. I did not want any part of that. I am aware that we ask more from our employees but our customers love us for that exact behavior, and it’s clearly paying off. Too many companies take the customer for granted and turn a blind eye, we don’t. I share this achievement with the 25 employees that make us better every day. ”

”In this day and age, any piece of information we need lies in the palm of our hand. When it comes to find a supplier or an expert for a plumbing repair or renovation project, there are plenty of choices out there. Future customers will make an educated choice. We want customers to share their feelings, appreciations and sometimes their critics vis-a-vis our work. This modern reality forces every member of the team to give it their best effort” claims Benoit Chiasson, marketing and human resources director at Pure plomberie.

His colleague André Caouette, who runs operations and who has been with the company since its earlier days adds ” what sets us apart is our organizational structure: from the call center, to customer service, to our warehouse, our vast fleet (more than 15 service vehicles) our project management skills and of course, the repairs themselves, there are no comparables. ”

Every employee is honored and humbled by this achievement and already at work towards the next target!

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