Why is a complete plumbing inspection done by a certified professional useful?

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Promotion ends on May 31, 2024 – certain conditions apply.

Five reasons to get a plumbing inspection done:

  • 1. You’re in the market for a new property?
  • 2. You’re planning on doing some outdoor landscaping work?
  • 3. You’ll soon be renovating the basement?
  • 4. Your home is getting up there in age?
  • 5. You’re considering putting your home on the market?

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1. Purchasing a home represents one of life’s most significant moment and investment. Condo, detached or townhouse, with the recent hike in interest rates, all buyers are more cautious and need to be reassured prior to writting up a purchase offer.

Regardless of the property type, the eventual owner has responsibilities should a water damage occur or a pipe bursts. These will be of different scale and affect many people based on the building type. That being said, the cost of correcting a faulty or leaking pipe in a multi-unit condo tower will skyrocket as opposed to a small one that only affects yours.

Every water dispensing location will be inspected by our certified CMMTQ plumber. By doing a camera inspection, we’ll be able to have a visual on the state of the drains.

2. Just as you must do prior to planting a tree or doing some foundation work: ensure there are no underground gas pipes or wires, it’s quite possible that your home’s main drain or water line might run underneath your paver alleyway ! You are one loader dig away from disaster so be careful when taking on a landsciaping project and get an inspection done.

3. What’s more disappointing than spotting that leak as you’re undertaking renovations?

It’s a lot worse to not know, to lay down that new floor covering and walk in a few inches of water a few months down the road. Prior to undertaking the renovations, why not take advantage to inspect the pipes and sump pump (when both are easily accessible) thus insuring that your home is properly protected with a back-flow preventer and aren’t clogged?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself a few weeks or months in the future: you wouldn’t want to see all that money and efforts completely wasted. Take a breather and get your home properly inspected.

Many hours of hard labor and important sums can be saved by getting a plumbing inspection.

4. In some older neighborhoods, we often find really attractive homes that have undergone a few rounds of renovation. However the drain pipes can be seriously corroded and more or less crumbling…things we cannot see without a camera inspection. Issues we see on a regular basis: cast iron pipes eaten away by time, chemicals and salt.

By having your older home inspected, you’ll have a clear list of repairs that require immediate, medium and long-term maintenance, and in some cases: a real sense of urgency. In some areas of the greater Montreal, 90’s-built homes and condo projects were used Kitec (or PolyB) pipes for plumbing and drains, these need to be replaced at the risk of spliiting with time.

5. Seller’s peace of mind is priceless, no hidden defects.

Many of those cases are well known and documented so are the high costs incurred, costs that will become your expenses if they aren’t documented nor corrected prior to the transaction. Our home gets put to daily wear and tear as of day 1, its ”new” status is shortlved, so don’t risk it, get it inspected, at best you’ll settle on a repair value/cost but you’ll avoid a trip to the courthouse.

The inspection includes:

  • 100-points visual inspection
  • Use of a camera run through the drains;
  • Written report
  • MP4 video file on a USB key
  • Expert advice from a CMMTQ certified drain and residential plumbing expert

* Certain conditions apply Cannot be combined to any other promotion or rebate.

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