On December 6th, Charles-Alexis Masse (owner) and Benoit Chiasson (marketing and HR director) met with the 22 students of Laval’s Polymécanique school these future plumbers will hit the job-market in fourteen months. Having been invited by their teacher, our 2 colleagues were brought in to cover a wide array of topics with the students about the plumbing profession.

Both were equally impressed by the quality of the interactions witnessed and moreso by their curiosity about the day-to-day aspect of the world of plumbing.

”In my late teens, I was sitting in a similar chair, hesitating between entering the job market, head into cegep without too much clarity on a field of studies…” …but 20 years or so later, I know I made the right decision: plumbing school!” ”I moved up the latter like they will, however I wish someone had taken the time to guide me on which road to head on (or to avoid): industrial plumbing, commercial or residential.” Giving free but oh so useful advices: be ready for an interview, how to prep for a day of work, a day in the life of an apprentice, all hints that help substancially in a competitve environment and job market. When Benoit asked if I was up for it, I did not hesitate and just replied:Yessir !

Charles-Alexis Masse
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For a solid two hours, the students were able to free-form questions to our colleagues about many topics and subjects: salary scales, personal finances, etc. Quality dialogs with a highly engaged and motivated group of future construction and plumbing workers.

Ecole Polymecanique Dec 2022
The classroom at Laval’s Polymécanique school

Our volunteer contribution follows the path that we have laid out for the company which is to participate in our community and give back. Earlier this year, we sponsored a high level Lac St-Louis baseball team.

In 2023, we’ll take part in Verdun Adult Center‘s careers day, meeting with their students as well.

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