Pure plomberie remains open during the annual March school break. Our dedicated team of technicians are available for any service call or plumbing emergencies.

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We are here to help you 24/7 even during the March break

While many of you will be enjoying this family-time together, for most of the construction industry – plumbing services are no exception – we make sure to not skip a beat and remain open. Indeed some of our colleagues are taking some time off but our well organized company has plenty of able resources that are on the clock and working hard.

Let’s not forget that every spring, while some people go away, many kitchen faucets will break and residential plumbing needs occur, leaving customers in desperate need of assistance…that’s when we come running!

As we have been there for our customers for the past 13 years, you can still count on us to serve your needs anywhere in the greater Montreal, West Island or Laval. It might be a simple leak under the kitchen counter, the installation of that new faucet the retailer finally received for you (supply chain is not yet fully recovered) or that outdoor faucet who’s turned into an iceberg Pure plomberie will answer your calls.

Business as usual is the motto during the school break – service calls, emergencies, simple tip or question, you can count on us. If you’re not travelling and staying put, you know who to call (for plumbing that is). So don’t hesitate, ring us up at 514-675-4045

And for those of you that enjoying the school break: well…enjoy it!

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