Proud to inform you that we were staying open during the construction holidays. Our staff of technicians will be available to help you with service calls and emergencies. .

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An emergency usually happens when it’s least expected, we remain open all summer long!

Large projets and the construction industry usually shut down, taking a well-desserved summer hiatus for a 2-week period. As we mostly dab in the service industry, we keep our toolbelt on. Every summer outdoor faucets crack wide open, kitchen faucets break in a middle of the day stranding customers who can’t find any open service company…

Rest assured and enjoy your vacation, Pure plomberie your trusted residential plumbing experts in the Montreal. West Island and Vaudreuil will be available during the annual construction holidays. Qu’il s’agisse d’une fuite sous l’évier, d’un branchement d’un nouvel appareil électro ménager que vous attendez depuis des mois ou encore de la sortie d’eau extérieure transformée en geyser, Pure plomberie répondra à vos appels entre le 22 juillet et le 2 août inclusivement. Should you spot a pin-hole leak under the sink, need to connect a new kitchen applicance or that your outdoor faucet has turned into a wall-mounted sprinkler…we’ll be there between July 22 and August 2nd.

Business as usual pretty much describes how operations will run during this period.

For all your plumbing needs, just dial 514-675-4045.

And ror those of you who will be on vacation, we hope you truly enjoy them.

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