Summer is litterally just around the corner. Your annual flowers are ready to be planted, the kid’s pool needs to be filled and can’t forget the spa. A fully functionnal leakproof outdoor faucet will allow you to enjoy all these items that need water all summer long.

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Prior to connecting your garden hose to the faucet, make sure it’s leakproof.

In order to understand the importance of this lesser know equipment, certain basic plumbing principles must be understood.

  • The faucet must be able to fully empty itself (the inner pipe) in order to avoid ice forming in the winter. The faucet must be equipped with a vacuum breaker and properly installed with a light incline towards the outside of the building (ref. image 1) illustrated by the vertical view thus avoiding frost and freezing of the water inside the walls which ultimately will cause a pipe to burst and set you back significantly to repair the mess.

There is a fair possibility that you might be able to tell if the faucet is indeed on a slope or not but you will be able to see the vacuum breaker as shown on the right side image.

Furthermore, if your faucet handle is badly rusted, if you can’t turn the water on or off, it’s a simple task for a certified plumber – our work is guaranteed – to replace it. He will install you a new faucet like this one.

It’s not only recommended to replace your old faucet with one that comes with a vacuum breaker, the latter are actually mandatory for any new construction. The device ensures that no contaminated water makes his way ‘back up’ your water line for daily consuption.

It’s not worth it to do the work yourself in line with possible mishaps and the cost isn’t that prohibitive. We recommend that you call upon a trained professional who will have all the required parts and accessories (if needed) to properly remove and dispose of the old faucet, and replace it with a new one. Take advantage of our extended weekday service hours to welcome our plumbers later on in the day.

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Mornings or evenings, our dedicated team of experts is there for you.


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