Hint: try to go with brands made or widely available in North america

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Quality plumbing equipment.

Choosing a brand of plumbing supplies depends on various factors, including your specific needs, budget, and the availability of products in your area. Not only will you want good quality, durable products, but make sure also to benefit from an excellent after-sales service and the
availability of spare parts when needed (because they will be needed at some point in time).

Which is why while we can’t endorse any specific brand or make recommendations, we do encourage to purchase north american brands

This month’s Pro Tip will help you make wise decisions and will illustrate why buying on sites such as
Amazon and Wayfair can sometimes cause problems…

Look for reputable North American brands:

When you purchase plumbing fixtures and fittings, it is better to choose well-established and reputable brands in North America. Companies such as Delta, Moen and American Standard have proven trustworthy in terms of quality, reliabilityand customer satisfaction. Opting for these brands ensures you have access to well-designed products, made with quality materials which are subject to strict standards.

Reliability and availability of replacement parts:

One of the major advantages of North American brands is the reliability and the availability of spare parts in the event of repairs or remplacement. When choosing plumbing products from any of these brands, you can rest assured that you will be able to easily find necessary parts from local stores or that we can order from our authorized distributors. This saves you unnecessary delays and hassles during repairs (including multiple visits), allowing you to maintain your plumbing system in perfect working order.

Warranty and after-sale service:

North American brands known for their plumbing products generally offer good warantees, which is a pledge of confidence. When you invest in plumbing fixtures and faucets, it is essential to choose products covered by a proper warranty. This protects you against manufacturing defects and
gives you peace of mind. Furthurmore, these brands often have a responsive and competent after-sales service, ready to help you in the event of problem or issue. A good example: faucet and shower cartridges often guaranteed for life.

Online purchases on sites like Amazon or Wayfair: a good deal or not?

Although e-commerce sites like Amazon and Wayfair offer a great convenience when buying plumbing fixtures, there are certain potential issues to factor. One of the common problems
is that product specifications may not be comply with Canadian standards…it gets cold here in winter.

It is essential to carefully validate the specifications of the products to ensure that they meet or surpass the plumbing standards of Canada. Also, not being able to verify the authenticity of the seller can sometimes result in the purchase of poor quality counterfeits which without being alarmist can lead to costly damage and frustration.

Price and cost are always attractive on those sites but quality should remain your number one criteria. If you ever have any questions about brands or product versions, do not hesitate to write to us or contact us by phone at 514-675-4045, a free advice could save you headaches!

Finally, although their prices may seem attractive, its e-commerce giants have very little impact on the local economy and even less on your community: you won’t come across them in your neighborhood, nor at the grocery store. nor won’t they support your local sports teams.

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