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Our president along three of our celebrated colleagues

Taking a moment to pause. A recurring topic these days, especially in the workplace. Recognizing talent and employee contribution, often said but seldom done. Celebrate without any expected return. That’s what our recent event was alll about.

In an era where attracting top talent combined with employee retention is challenging, we know we must act accordingly. Without spilling our beans, we are currently doing more than many SMB’s in our industry.

Wanting to specifically honor four distinguished employees and celebrate along with all our employees, our HR department recently put together our annual Employee recognition evening. Rolling out the red carpet prior to a welcoming cocktail, followed by a 5-course meal that was topped off with a special ceremony, this event was held at the Challenger reception complex of the St-Laurent borough.

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Recognizing talent and employee contribution

All our hard working colleagues traded their day to day outfits for the classy suit for the evening.

The last few years have been very good for our trade and our business, for that we are truly glad and humbled, our success depends on our employees’ contribution and talents. Among the more than twenty employees, the event was aimed at particularly honoring four of them for their exceptionnal contribution.

Our operations director – our power forward in hockey lingo – part of our roster since litterally day one. Three of our field service technicians that are Pure plomberie employees since eight (8), six (6) and five (5) years. Familiar faces that many of our customers have gotten to know through the years. Honest, hard working people that we dearly appreciate and with whom it’s a priviledge to work with.

20231027 contrat Pure plomberie soiree hommage 2 1581
Recognizing talent and employee contribution

Those four exceptionnal employees are the initial inductees on our Wall of Fame. We are happy and proud to celebrate their success along with them and hope they will enjoy the reward that came along their honorary plaque.

This memorable evening was made possible by our valuable partners’ contribution.

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