It’s the first heat wave of the season (sadly not the last), make sure your outdoor faucet is in proper working order, if not, get it replaced and save big with Pure plomberie.

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Regardless if your dog bit it or not, your faucet has to be leak-proof.

Take advantage of a 50$ saving to replace your outdoor faucet now until June 30th 2023. You’ll be able to enjoy all your gardening activities and peace of mind without tentatively contaminating your home’s drinking water.

To take advantage of this rebate, call the passionate staff at Pure plomberie at 514-675-4045 ou fill out our contact form. Please note that this promotion cannot be combined with any other rebate nor discount/promotion.

Interested in furthering your knowledge about outdoor faucets ? We recommend you read our recent blog post.

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Mornings, day or early evening, our experts are available to replace your outdoor faucet.
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