Slow draining sinks, tubs or showers ? Odors in your pipes ? Do you suspect roots in your drain? Take advantage of our promotion and get a camera inspection of your main drain.

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Promotion valid from November 15 to December 15, 2022. Certain conditions apply.

Camera inspection of the main drain.

As winter is fast approchain, the time is perfect to get your drains inspected. If they empty themselves very slowly, occassionally clog or worse: bad smells come up from the tipes, get them inspected. Wether it’s your main drain, shower drain or kitchen drain, any clogged drain can cause serious headaches and damages.

Our Fall special includes:

  • top notch technology
  • main drain (sewage drain) camera inspection
  • written report of the inspection and findings
  • .mp4 file (visuals) on USB key
  • residential plumbing and drain expert recommendations

A camera inspection of the drains is the best way to ensure that a long term solution can be applied and guarantees that waste waters are safely expelled to the city’s main collector.

Drain camera inspection is particularly useful in sewer systems. Its use thus allows a very precise detection of the problem location, whatever its cause (misaligned conduit, roots, bad alignment, breakage, etc.). Similarly the camera is able to transmit the image of the precise place where there is accumulation of grease, leaks or obstruction, whatever it is.

* Certaines conditions s’appliquent. Admissible à aucun autre rabais ou promotion.

Pour obtenir un RV et faire inspecter votre drain par caméra, vous n’avez qu’à remplir les champs ci-dessous ou de communiquer avec nous au 514-675-4045.

Un de nos spécialistes fera un suivi avez vous pour confirmer les disponibilités pour l’inspection.

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